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Lesberatti: What’s a Girl To Do?……
Lesberatti: A Source of Pride
Lesberatti: One More Time
Lesberatti: Oh Maya..Why Did Ya Go and Break Emily’s Heart?
Lesberatti: Incredibly……..Restored Link
Lesberatti: Hot In Cleveland
Lesberatti: The Battle Heats Up….Let's Be Bad
Lesberatti: To My Readers
Lesberatti: SMASH This GLEE!
Lesberatti: The Smash Debate: Are You Team Ivy or Team Karen?
Lesberatti: Meet Whitney Houston’s Rumored Lesbian Love, Robyn Crawford
Lesberatti: Makes Me Happy
Lesberatti: Let The Games Begin
Lesberatti: Lesbian Erin Martin on The Voice
Lesberatti: The Artist: Academy Award Winner! BEST Picture of 2011!
Lesberatti: And the Academy Award Goes To…..
Lesberatti: Whoa! It’s a SMASH!
Lesberatti: Weekend Movie: Double Feature
Lesberatti: My Favorite Movie of 2011
Lesberatti: Kiss My A$$ Hollywood….
Lesberatti: Isn’t That What I Said All Along?
Lesberatti: Hallelujah Girl!
Lesberatti: Even In Popular Culture
Lesberatti: Elka is GOD
Lesberatti: Critic’s Choice Award 2011 BEST Picture/Best Director
Lesberatti: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lesberatti: CHOICE
Lesberatti: Watch: Bomb Girls Ep 2 Misfires
Lesberatti: Better with Bejo
Lesberatti: Weekend Movie
Lesberatti: Tomboy [2011]
Lesberatti: Resolution for 2012
Lesberatti: UPDATE: New Photos and Full Movie SPOILER Alert!
Lesberatti: A New Spin On A Time Honored Position
Lesberatti: Making Room for Noomi
Lesberatti: Lesberatti’s Best Films of 2011
Lesberatti: Journalistic Responsibility
Lesberatti: If it’s released in color WOW!
Lesberatti: Hetero-Deviance
Lesberatti: Happy Express X-Mas From Modern Family
Lesberatti: Freya!
Lesberatti: Cool Dykes
Lesberatti: And So It Goes…..Yep There’s A Lesbian Connection After All [At Least on Film].
Lesberatti: Goin’ With The Flo”w”: A Special Thanksgiving Treat
Lesberatti: Now This Is What I’m Talkin’ Bout…….
Lesberatti: Indulge Me Please
Lesberatti: Gia Carangi Born January 29,1960 Died November 18 1986
Lesberatti: For me she’s the ONLY one who makes the Real L Word worth watching
Lesberatti: Be THERE
Lesberatti: Yep they are STILL around
Lesberatti: My Favorite Teen Lesbian Couple
Lesberatti: Icons
Lesberatti: It’s WOMEN….Sexy Freakin’ Women
Lesberatti: The First Secret….
Lesberatti: The Thrill Is GONE
Lesberatti: Rise Up
Lesberatti: Katrina Law Explains It All and is funny while doing it.
Lesberatti: FUCK Yeah!: Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Prequel Morphs Into ‘Prometheus,’ Starring Noomi Rapace
Lesberatti: Late Bloomer...Or Better Late Than Never

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