Website Diagnostics

During the process of creating your sitemap we can discover many types issues with your website that negatively impact a visitors experience and even your position in the search engines. Broken Links, Missing Images, and Server Errors are a few issues that we report back to you.

Broken Links

Links on your website can become broken for a variety of reason. We'll tell you where they are.

Broken Images

Missing images make your website look terrible. Find them before your customers do.

Server Errors

Improperly coded pages can be from simple mistake.

Meta Tags

Having different and relevant meta description and keyword tags on each page is an important SEO step.

Title Tags

The title of your pages shouldn't just be your company name. We'll help you find which pages need better titles.

Slow Loading Pages

A webpage that loads slowly make for unhappy visitors. Search engines will also penalize your ranking.

Text-to-Code Ratio

If your webpages use a lot of inline HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in them they could perform poorly.